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Friday, May 11, 2007


ok, my picks for my favorite grand tour, the giro d'italia...

as much as i hate to admit it, i think that the cry baby simoni is going to win or die fighting. sure the other favorites will probably do better than expected and an unknown italian rider could step it up as usual during 'his tour to snatch gilberto's truly last chance to take '3 top podium finishes. but i have a feeling that saunier duval's got the strongest team, even if this was based solely on the fact that leonardo piepoli will be setting the climbs on fire as he always does. over the past couple of years i have regarded him as one of my favorites, the most underrated of the seasoned pros. not to mention that he got 2 stage wins last year, remember the year of the alien basso [truly an alien, he went from high on my list, to, 'huh where is his name?', unfortunately he does not need to dope and will return to reek havoc on the peloton in 2 years]. did i forget to mention that piepoli is italian. last but not least, some of the other SD boys simoni will have at his side, the new young gun ricco, the could be a star again mayo, and little known italian [italian + giro = ride like the wind, or else] manuele mori.

it would also be great to see di luca pull off a podium finish, along with stefano garzelli, emanuele sella, dario cioni [rides powercranks], and a super long shot who is not italian and rides for a french team [corfidis, yikes] ivan parra [not likely, but i am feeling giro right now].

oh this is going to be a great giro, full of surprises, full of great racing, full of macho italian men beaming with pride at the thought of wearing pink [everyone knows that pink is the true yellow] huh, the humanity. there is nothing like 3 weeks of italians riding through their pain cave to see the other side, a spot on the podium in the giro d'italia.

[simoni sticking to basso like a x-file to an alien]

[piepoli, the italian king of the mountains]

[NO!, i'm not in this years giro..]

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