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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


[just some quick thoughts on the circus that just pulled into town]

what floyd did on stage 17 is not a result of the positive effects of taking synthetic testosterone. he won because he was the bigger man, the braver man. no drug known to science will make you stronger, braver and with out pain, over night. you have to work hard and suffer better than everyone else.

so during these proceedings, i hope we will find out why it was or was not in his blood taken at the controls after stage 17. if he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, he should do his time. if his innocence is upheld, than he should get paid in full. those UCI, WADA, and USADA officials that stated his guilt prior to the full evidence heard and the case processed should be relieved of their positions. the system should be overhauled and changed to truly combat drug use in all of cycling, cause we have all raced against the juiced, dopers suck.

floyd's expert cycling witness is none other than:
- Eddy Merckx, World-class cyclist and expert in cycling tactics [thats an understatement]

USADA choose:
- Greg LeMond, Three-time Tour de France winner [greg was my hero growing up, but not so much anymore]
- Joseph Papp, Professional Cyclist [not at the protour level, i do hope he was able to reunite with his cuban wife]

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