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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


[report from the nocal team]

Norcal Squad Wente Vineyards Race Repor
[journal account from john, with some ED. review for family viewing, ie no bike racer words]

i was way more excited to post about this race before i heard wes went down with such great position yesterday. what a f_ckin drag!

wente vineyards was 3×15 mile laps that started with a sharp climb. a promenade lap to start meant we had to climb it 4 times. Ryan fell off the lead pack midway through but continued to work hard and finished well. commendable considering his preference for the flats.

benjamin (now of “beer” racing) fared a little better, and also had the distinction of throwing up in his mouth twice.

with one lap to go, kris and i were both in the mix and feeling pretty good. we were tired of yo-yoing and picking up stragglers due to riders reluctance to take pulls. kris put his head down and basically towed the top 15 riders the entire way, only allowing me to take short pulls for a little bit of rest. no one else even tried to come around. we were really hauling though.

kris slingshotted me into first as we reached the final climb but i didnt quite have the legs to get it done and ended up getting passed by 5 riders with fresher legs.

props and thanks to kris for the attempt. he rounded out the top 15 with the entire packs respect (especially mine).

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