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after a self-imposed 20 year absence from cycling, the sport i love, i am back and dedicated to holding my own in the superfast 40+ catagory. this blog will tell the journey, the highs and the lows, the team [team becher+] and it's cast of characters, our sponsors, supporters, and other local riders that make it happen... [anonymous comments are lame, cowboy up and put a name or start a blog]

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


[post by wes]

So last Sunday I raced with the cat 4’s at San Pedro which was the State Criterium Championship. WOW!! what a challenging and great course with two chicanes, the first led to an uphill and the second one which was a banked downhill, both made the course really interesting. Anyhow to cut to the chase my legs felt really good and with two laps to go I was in the top 7 riders. On the last lap I was still in great position but due to a handful of guys dive bombing the last corner I found my self getting shuffled back a little. With about a 500 meter false flat finish with the course narrowing due to the announcing booth and the registration table I had no where to make my move and felt my legs raring to go but with no lane to pass riders, how frustrating this was. So I finished 15th not making my season beginning goal of top 5 (bummer).

I always walk away from these races realizing what a tough sport this is, it would be so much easier if you only had to deal with the pain of riding hard but you throw 100 guys jocking for position, cutting you off, and blocking you for their teammate and you have a very technical and grueling sport. Anyways, it was a really fun race and I seem to be getting a lot of respect from the strong guys in my category which is great for our team. Thanks to Jim and Steffan for coming out and providing great support. Next week is Manhattan beach which is a NRC event so the points are doubled. My goal for this race is again top 5. I think I will be a little more aggressive and save a little less for the sprint and put more into getting to top 5 before the last turn. Wish me luck.

thanks for reading.


  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger Chester said…

    Great job out there Wes. You look stronger and stronger every time we race. One of the Cat 1 Studs from my team always tells me 80% to get into position and then 20% to seal the deal. I got really tired earlier in the season of having great legs and not being able to use them. I think as a racer that is one of the most frustrating feelings ever.
    Great job again. See you at Manhattan beach. TOP 5 Baby! You can do it!

  • At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great job wes, it was only bit of bad luck that you didnt win


  • At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great job wes, it was only bit of bad luck that you didnt win


  • At 5:21 PM, Blogger Wesley said…

    Thanks Chester, its great to race with you. Great job out there and for having such a commanding control of the front of the group. See you bright and early on Sunday!!


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