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after a self-imposed 20 year absence from cycling, the sport i love, i am back and dedicated to holding my own in the superfast 40+ catagory. this blog will tell the journey, the highs and the lows, the team [team becher+] and it's cast of characters, our sponsors, supporters, and other local riders that make it happen... [anonymous comments are lame, cowboy up and put a name or start a blog]

Sunday, February 18, 2007

GOOD DAY [costa mesa BAR series crit]

[looking good out front, huh, were is everybody? i believe they are just about to enter there pain cave to look for us]

[noah looking strong in the group, prior to crash testing his helmet]

[noah hanging tough at the front]

today was a good day of racing, albiet it an early one and one with less than a favorable outcome for one team becher+ rider. the morning started at 4:45am, jump out of bed, ok well maybe not jumped out of bed but i did get out of it with out rolling out. put the quattro espresso in me along with a bagel w/ honey, some muesli, and dreams of another espresso. we loaded up the team car and three of us headed to the OC, for the costa mesa BAR series crit. the 40+ start time was 7:45am and i felt surprising good for only 6 not so good hours of sleep. i got ready and noah and i put in a good warm up prior to the race. it was a capacity crowd of way to fast for older guys group, that lined up for the start. i started fast and of course, as usual found myself in a 2 man break away right of the bat. we sped around the 1 mile [?] course out front for 3 or so laps before the crowd of cattle mashers caught up to us. it was great to get up to speed and warmed up, being off the front affords the opportunity for me to prime the engines and take a few carefree laps without all the hubbub of crowded cornering and jockeying for position. although you start to feel like a french protour team at the TDF, begging for some prime time TV coverage for their sponsors, knowing that this is their only chance of getting any air time in the lead. that said, i was smiling from ear to ear with the knowledge that i was dictating the pace and putting some deep into their pain cave far too early for their liking. as we all know, squirrels like to hunt for nuts alone and breaks stay away from time to time. the fun has only just begun.

on a team side note: i believe it was about lap 6 or so, as the gruppo charges the line for some $1.50 preemie, i hear this loud bang and the red sea parted before me to see noah and another rider down for the count right in front of me. the look of bewilderment and disgust on noah's face was priceless as he sat there in traffic, wondering what the hell just happened. it was a sad state of affairs as it was starting to look like our new crit king [ok, so jerry 'go fast' has not yet competed this year and timothy 'action' jackson is out for a while with a life bug] in the making, was feeling good and probably would have benefited from a stellar lead out from yours truly. all to no avail as the other riders tire blew, and as a consequence, took noah with him to the pavement at 30+.

on a sponsor / equipment note: much props to ritchey for the incredibly quite swiss made, american hand built 50mm carbon [alloy brake surface] clinchers i was sporting today. all though quite is a little understated, they are the quietest, coasting wheels i have never heard. on top of the eerily quietness, the wheels are as slick as butter and as smooth as silk. great through the corners and fast out of them. the new ritchey WCS stem and alloy [it is crit racing after all] WCS bars worked like a charm. loved them and the stem's lower than average, 73 degree angle down was a perfect fit and not so easy to find. thanks ritchey, the whole team appreciates the support. i must mention the great handling [as i just hold on and she does the rest] of my limited addition, crit secret weapon. as in my easton scandium masi frame with easton carbon seat stays, was stiff and proud today. also a quick props goes out to tennyson at imartin [and team rider], for the extra care and precision on the wheel setup and tender loving care he [and all of the service crew] gave my black beauty.


  • At 11:17 PM, Blogger Todd said…

    yo dawg-

    that was good work last sunday. i met jens voigt today when i slid past security and into the csc vip tent. very cool dude. asked if he knew of you and your exploits on the bike. sadly he hasn't : )


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