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after a self-imposed 20 year absence from cycling, the sport i love, i am back and dedicated to holding my own in the superfast 40+ catagory. this blog will tell the journey, the highs and the lows, the team [team becher+] and it's cast of characters, our sponsors, supporters, and other local riders that make it happen... [anonymous comments are lame, cowboy up and put a name or start a blog]

Monday, June 05, 2006

what a hot weekend

going up nichols canyon saturday

it was one hot ovenfest on saturday. we did some climbing, starting with nichols canyon than over mulholland to sepulvada, down to the valley and out to burbank. if you kept moving it was ok, but once you stopped the heat just hit you like a bad habit. by the time we hit the full length of garbage hill, it was over 100F. the only cool part of climbing garbage hill saturday was the dirt part, due to some construction. it was a little giro action in the middle of los angeles. sunday was a little cooler and we basically did a recovery ride down to san vicinte, and down the coast to olympic than back to HQ [hollywood hills]. we picked up a stoller'ette [susan] at iMartin and she tagged along for the ride. since it was almost impossible to cool off saturday afternoon, i introduced josephine to the delectable wonder that is a 7/11 slurpie. i think she is hooked, as she asked for one on sunday too.

sunday ride


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